Come and meet me – Sydney Investor Demo Day


Date:20 March, 2016


Come and meet me at the Sydney CapitalPitch Investor Demo Day, Tuesday 05 April at Stone and Chalk. Register here:

Date of Event
Tues 05 April 2016 5.30pm
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Throughout history it has been the innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers that have dared to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems, ignoring the naysayers and daring to risk failure in the pursuit of the impossible. In 2015, it is cheaper and easier than ever for those entrepreneurial risk takers to design their solutions and bring them to market. However, a lack of Series A funds for growing businesses, known as the Series A Crunch, acts as a massive hurdle to so many exciting and viable businesses as they enter their difficult and expensive growth stage.
Alan Beattie, Investor & Chief Funding Advisor, CapitalPitch //// Craig Swanger CEO, Investible and speaking about “The immense historic & future opportunities investing in unlisted Vs listed equities” //// Emlyn Scott Co-Founder & Director, OpenMarkets //// Kevin O’Hara Group CIO / Technology Portfolio Manager at Tulla Group ////